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A metronome is an important tool that musicians of all skill levels use.  It keeps a steady beat and helps musicians learn to play evenly at any tempo- slow or fast. There are a variety of online metronomes you can download as an app, or you can purchase an actual metronome. Many metronomes are small enough to keep in your instrument case.



The top number indicates what tempo has been selected.


Slide the orange circle across the bar, or click on the minus or plus sign to select your desired tempo.  You can also change the tempo while the metronome is on.


Make sure the box with the quarter note inside is highlighted orange. (The far left box)


Click play and you will hear steady beats that all sound the same.  You may now practice your piece in any time signature.  (4/4, 2/4 or 3/4)


***Each beat represents a quarter note, so if you are playing music with eight notes, the first eighth note will be on the beat, and the second one will be in between the beats.


Option:  Clicking the box, STRESS FIRST BEAT, will make count 1 sound higher than the others, so you will always know where count 1 is.  If you select this, you need to go to the right and select the number that matches your time signature.  2 indicates 2/4, 3 indicates 3/4, 4 indicates 4/4, etc.



Never try to play faster than you are able to.  Start at a slower tempo, and when you can play the passage perfectly with the correct written articulation (slurs, no slurs,  staccatos, accents, etc.).  Only then should you start to increase your tempo.


Have fun!